Smart Sound Amplifier
Orangeaid Premium

Make a small sound big and a big sound small
Clear sound
Charging case
Music & Hands-free
16 Channel
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Technology meets arts.

No noise sound thanks to the application of stylish design and
domestically developed acoustic signal processing technology
More clear sound, self-and-auto-performance control and hands-free
through an exclusive application, streaming sound play, and
built-in product loss prevention function, free outdoor use with a charging cradle

Sound & Pleasure,
The Yeolrim for feeling
more attachment

Orangeaid of The Yeorlim is a sound amplifier device that helps out people
who have a poor hearing ability or have difficulty hearing a small sound
in order for their smooth hearing.
This is not a medical device.
With the product, it is impossible to determine
whether there is a disorder.

When it is hard to hear a distant sound or there is severe reverberation in
an auditorium or chapel

When you can want to hear a small sound or a distant sound clearly

When you feel stuffy because it is hard to hear sounds around you at ordinary times

Orangeaid Premium has
1 hearing aid technology built in.

Adoption of Sonion’s *BA driver
Use of the stability based battery developed
by German Varta
High performance Mems Mic
Soft silicone wing-tip
Use of Shure’s foam tips & Westone’s silicone tips
What is *BA driver? BA (BALANCED AMATURE) driver was developed first for hearing aid devices.
Thanks to its quality, the driver is mainly used to earphones. Minimizing unnecessary noises, it deliver a more clear and accurate sound.

2 The product has as much
performance as Bluetooth earphones.

Orangeaid of The Yeolrim has excellent wireless connection and battery performance.


Like Bluetooth earphones, Orangeaid can be connected
with a smart device. With the product, you can talk over
the smart device and listen to music.


One charging supports 12-hour continuous use.
With the portable charging case offered together, you can charge
Orangeaid conveniently and can use it all day long.

3 A variety of convenient functions

Loss Prevention Function

The function helps you prevent
losing Orangeaid.

Convenient Interface

The most advanced and latest interface
‘USB C’ type port is applied for use extension.

Comfort and
stylish design

Stylish design for the exposable wearing of men and women of all ages
To my ears Offering foams & silicone tips to fit your ears /
Offering three types of wing-tip sizes
Various sizes of components are offered basically.
So you feel tired less over long use and don’t need
to worry about getting them lost during your workout.

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BT Behind-the-ear Sound Amplifier (Electronic Device) Orangeaid Premium x 1 / Orangeaid Cradle x 1 /
Ear-tip x 2(S, L) / Silicone-tip x 2(S, L) / Wing-tip x 3(S, M, L) /
USB-C Cable x 1 / Brush x 1 / User Manual x 1
Online price : ₩ 660,000 won ※ Overseas Country Orders: Shipping charges and duties separately incurred
* This product has no division of left and right earbuds. Therefore, if you need to wear both sides, please purchase two.
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Product Information
Status LED
Power switch
Status LED


33.90 x 17.00 x 27.82 (Earset)
71.90 x 42.50 x 52.60 (Cradle)

High-Frequency Average
Max Output Sound Pressure Level

114±5 dB SPL


8.5g (Earset) / 73.5g (Cradle)

High-Frequency Average
Full-On Gain

38±5 dB


Li-ion 120mAh (Earset) /
Li-Po 350mAh (Cradle)

Power Consumption


Input Voltage

DC 5V=90mAh (Earset) /
DC 5V=150mAh (Cradle)

Continuous Use Hours
Charging Hours (Earset)

12 hours / 1.5 hours

Max Output Sound Pressure Level (OSPL90)

122±5 dB SPL @ 1400 Hz

Earset Chargeable Count/
Charging Hours (Cradle)

2.5 times / 3.5 hours Usage time may vary depending on the environment of use.

YDH C-2000 Orangeaid Pro
Product Warranty · Customer Service Info / Exchange · Return, & Refund Info

Product Warranty ·
Customer Service Info

Exchange, Return &
Refund Info

The warranty service period of this product is one year after purchase.
For the service, a purchase receipt or product warranty form is required.
If it is impossible to check a purchase receipt, the free warranty service period of the product is estimated to be one year from a manufacturing date.
Warranty & Customer Service Content If the product fails in normal use during a warranty service period, it is repaired for free. A repair cost is requested if any of the following occurs even during a warranty service period.
  • Failure or damage caused by a user’s careless handling and storage or incorrect use
    (fall, impact, pressure, dust, mud, soil, water sinking, high-temperature and high-humidity, cold weather, etc.)
  • Failure or damage caused by a user’s discretionary product repair, modification, disassembly, cleaning, etc.
  • Failure caused by natural disasters, such as fire, earthquake, flooding, and lightning
  • Failure and damage caused by other consumables or parts than genuine parts
If a customer changes his or her mind, If not open or not used, it can be exchanged or returned. In this case, a customer should pay for round-trip delivery fees.
If the product’s value is damaged,
  • If the product is damaged (e.g., scratches) by a consumer’s carelessness,
  • If the product is used at least once,
  • If the product is damaged because it is repaired or modified in other customer service centers than our customer service or the one designated by our company,
  • It is impossible to exchange, return, and refund the product according to Electronic Financial Transactions Act.
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