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Ear-comfort Digital Sound Amplifier
Clear sound quality
Comfort wearing
In long use
Less occlusion
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Remove the barrier to communication.

Sori-In rivalling a hearing aid device Through auto amplification control, it makes a small sound big
and a big sound small
3g lightweight and 100-hour usable battery with high efficiency
Clean and clear sound quality in any environment through
feedback cancellation and noise reduction

* This sound amplifier is not a medical product.
* The image is created to help out your understanding.


YDH-B2000 is improved amazingly.

POINT1. Ear-tube S-shaped comfort wearing / Thinner design
POINT3. Dual microphone Improvement in sound collection power
POINT2. Open-dome Minimum inconvenience over long use / No ear
pressure (inner pressure) / Minimum occlusion effect
POINT4. Convenient control &
volume adjustment
Smooth volume adjustment with 14 levels/
On & Off Power Switch

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BT Behind-the-ear Sound Amplifier (Electronic Device) Sori-in / Ear-tube (Small, Middle, Large) / Open-dome / Double-dome (Small, Large) /
Battery (Four-time use) / Cleaning brush / User manual / Card-type magnifying glass
Online price : ₩ 145,000 won
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Product Components

Size 28x37x9.2(unit : mm)
Weight 4.2g(accessory, battery included)
Battery Zinc-air battery 13
Channel 4
Max Output 37 dB
High-Frequency Average Full-On Gain 118dB SPL
Frequency Range F1 < 200 Hz, F2 = 6000 Hz
Equivalent Input Noise 25 dB SPL
Current Consumption 1.4 mA
Total Harmonic Distortion 500/ 800/ 1600 Hz : less than 1%
Use Hours More than 100 hours
Feedback Cancellation Support
Noise Reduction Support

YDH B-2000 Sound Amplifier
Product Warranty · Customer Service Info / Exchange · Return, & Refund Info

Product Warranty ·
Customer Service Info

Exchange, Return &
Refund Info

The warranty service period of this product is one year after purchase.
For the service, a purchase receipt or product warranty form is required.
If it is impossible to check a purchase receipt, the free warranty service period of the product is estimated to be one year from a manufacturing date.
Warranty & Customer Service Content If the product fails in normal use during a warranty service period, it is repaired for free. A repair cost is requested if any of the following occurs even during a warranty service period.
  • Failure or damage caused by a user’s careless handling and storage or incorrect use
    (fall, impact, pressure, dust, mud, soil, water sinking, high-temperature and high-humidity, cold weather, etc.)
  • Failure or damage caused by a user’s discretionary product repair, modification, disassembly, cleaning, etc.
  • Failure caused by natural disasters, such as fire, earthquake, flooding, and lightning
  • Failure and damage caused by other consumables or parts than genuine parts
If a customer changes his or her mind, If not open or not used, it can be exchanged or returned. In this case, a customer should pay for round-trip delivery fees.
If the product’s value is damaged,
  • If the product is damaged (e.g., scratches) by a consumer’s carelessness,
  • If the product is used at least once,
  • If the product is damaged because it is repaired or modified in other customer service centers than our customer service or the one designated by our company,
  • It is impossible to exchange, return, and refund the product according to Electronic Financial Transactions Act.
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