2020 new Digital Sound Amplifier
Clear sound
4g ultra-lightweight
Long lasting battery
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Sori-In was developed with the features of hearing aid.

Lowering feedback and noise,
the sound amplifier make a clear sound
As a MADE-IN-KOREA product,
Sori-in applies the technology of NOISE REDUCTION and FEDBACK CANCELLATION so that it has far better sound quality than general sound amplifiers made by other firms.

Innovative design

The ultra-lightweight of 4g,

the product has the simple and stylish
black & gray colors
Thanks to its ultra-lightweight of 4g, any men and women of
all ages can wear the device with comfort. Unlike other conventional
sound amplifiers, the product has an innovative design that matches any styles.

The product is recommended to each of the following

A person who has
difficulty hearing
the other person’s voice

A person who wants
to hear a small sound
in high volume

A person who wants
to listen to a lesson
in high volume

A person who wants
to listen clearly

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BT Behind-the-ear Sound Amplifier (Electronic Device) Sound Amplifier 1ea/ Ear-tip (Small, Large)/ Ear-tube 2ea/ Connector 1ea/
Cleaning Brush 1ea/ Hard Case/
User Manual/ Product Warranty Form (Genuine Product Guarantee)/ Portable Magnifying Glass
Offline price : ₩ 165,000 won Online price : ₩ 130,000 won
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Product name Sori-In sound amplifier
Model name YDH-B1000
Battery voltage 1.4(D.C)
Battery type Zinc-air battery 13A
Battery use hours More than 10 days on average
Max output sound level 120dB(±Less than 5dB)
HFA Full-on-gain 35dB(±Less than 5dB)

KC approval

YDH B-1000 Sound Amplifier
Product Warranty · Customer Service Info / Exchange · Return, & Refund Info

Product Warranty ·
Customer Service Info

Exchange, Return &
Refund Info

The warranty service period of this product is one year after purchase.
For the service, a purchase receipt or product warranty form is required.
If it is impossible to check a purchase receipt, the free warranty service period of the product is estimated to be one year from a manufacturing date.
Warranty & Customer Service Content If the product fails in normal use during a warranty service period, it is repaired for free. A repair cost is requested if any of the following occurs even during a warranty service period.
  • Failure or damage caused by a user’s careless handling and storage or incorrect use
    (fall, impact, pressure, dust, mud, soil, water sinking, high-temperature and high-humidity, cold weather, etc.)
  • Failure or damage caused by a user’s discretionary product repair, modification, disassembly, cleaning, etc.
  • Failure caused by natural disasters, such as fire, earthquake, flooding, and lightning
  • Failure and damage caused by other consumables or parts than genuine parts
If a customer changes his or her mind, If not open or not used, it can be exchanged or returned. In this case, a customer should pay for round-trip delivery fees.
If the product’s value is damaged,
  • If the product is damaged (e.g., scratches) by a consumer’s carelessness,
  • If the product is used at least once,
  • If the product is damaged because it is repaired or modified in other customer service centers than our customer service or the one designated by our company,
  • It is impossible to exchange, return, and refund the product according to Electronic Financial Transactions Act.
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