A Hyper Peronalization sound is offered.

If a sound amplifier that amplifies all sounds is used incorrectly, it is possible to cause hearing loss due to sound amplification.
For Orangeaid products, a discomfort level is measured along with hearing in order to understand a user’s difference by frequency.
Therefore, Orangeaid products provide the optimal sound in consideration of his or her hearing state.

Auto Setting

Before Orangeaid is used first, it is recommended to measure
your hearing easily and fast in our developed method.
Through simple measurement, a user’s hearing difference by frequency is applied to an Orangeaid product immediately.
After the auto setting is completed, it is possible to use the product without any mobile app.

Manual Setting

If it is necessary to make a fine adjustment in line with a user’s irregularly changing environment, you can easily adjust a sound by frequency in the manual setting. It is possible to save up to six values that are adjusted appropriately in line with environments.
(General Mode & Professional Mode supported)

Control the sounds
around you freely

Make multiple settings of Orangeaid App in line with your ears.
We provide stable and diverse acoustic settings from simple music
setting of streaming service, to manual fitting, and to NR function control.

Orangeaid Application
supports Android
and iOS.

Loss Prevention Function

It helps to prevent you losing Orangeaid.