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Smart Hearing Aid
Artificial Intelligence


“Sound thief = Hearing loss = separation from the world”

“If I am given a chance to choose between sight and hearing, I will choose hearing.” By Helen Kell

Data driven Healthcare Innovation

01 “Health Care Big Data Plattform & Serv” with must-wear smart health device 02 “Technology-oriented Social Impact Convergence Ear Care” for improving the quality of life of the hearing impaired in the world


  • IPT multi-function

    Hearing aid + BT earphone +
  • Self-fitting

    Self parameter value fitting
    according to external noises
  • Stylish design

    Optimal design accomplished in collaboration with a famous
    product design company in Korea
  • Reasonable price & easy purchase procedure

    Price competitiveness with high
    cost effectiveness, one-button-click
    based purchase
  • Convenient charging

    Charging with a smartphone charging jack for continuous use

Biz Strategy

  • Better life quality
    Wellbeing Ear Care & IOT & Smart Tech

    Hearable fashion type, high cost effectiveness, digital sound amplifier, smart sound amplifier
  • Improvement in quality of life
    Convergence Ear Care & IoT / AI Tech

    Customized ear care, high cost effectiveness & cost-benefit, smart hearing aid, convergence hearing aid for healthcare,
    AI hearing aid
  • Customized healthcare
    Active Health care & Health Care Service

    Health Big Data, AI Data analysis, AI Care & Telemedicine,
    Global Health Platform, Social Impact Tech




· Released the selling product of the 16ch smart sound amplifier “Orangeaid Pro"

· Released the prototype of the 32ch smart sound amplifier “Orangeaid SP"

· Released the selling product of the 4ch digital sound amplifier “B2000"

2020 ~ 2019

Selected as a company under the Transforming from Domestic Companies to Exporting Companies Project of Korea International Trade Association in 2020

· Completely developed the prototypes of fashionable smart sound amplifier and
  smart hearing aid

· Released Sori-in Digital Sound Amplifier (B1000)

· Attracted investment from Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

· 2019 Selected as Excellent Product of Seoul Award

· Applied for four patents of AI Smart Hearing Aid, SNR based AI Smart Hearing Aid,
  and Human Hearing Model Smart Hearing Aid

· Selected as Export Voucher Support Business by Korea International Trade

· Exported smart aiding to the US and South America

· Registered the patent of Smart Hearing Aid in the US

· Signed sales agreement with BlueMTec (AI medicine seller)

· Signed B2B sales agreement with the product supplier to 3,000 optical shopd
  across the nation

· Developed IOS App for S16 Model export (March)

· Attracted investment from New Paradigm Investment (July); Signed Blockchain
  Joint Business Agreement between The Yeolrim and New Paradigm

· Attracted investment from Korea Venture Investment Corporation

· Attracted investment from AI Angelclub (Doctor Angel)


Completed CCVC - Seoul Social Venture Incubating Program

· Applied for the patent of Risk Management Convergence Smart Hearing Aid
  for the Elderly

· Acquired and registered KOTRA Export Product B2B & B2C

· Assigned the patent of hearing aid to ETRI

· Selected as Venture Innovation Product of Venture Nana; Registered as National
  Health Insurance Hearing Aid

· Attracted Angel Matching Fund of Korea Venture Investment Corporation

· Acquired crowdfunding of KTB Investment Securities (AI Angel Club)

· Registered as US Medical Device Business (FDA)


Acquired medial device manufacturing & quality certification (GMP)

· 2017 Selected as Startup Growth R&D Project

· Applied for the patent of smart hearing in the US

· Selected as First Penguin by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

2016 ~

Registered the patent of Smart Hearing Aid

· Assigned the right to implement the patent to Samsung Electronics

· Selected as Startup Technology Development R&D

· 2015

· Established The Yeolrim Co., Ltd. (Hanyang University ERICA Business Incubator)

· Acquired Venture Business; Established corporate research institute

· Registered one patent of smart hearing aid

Who we are

The Yeolrim is a Korean technology-oriented company, established in January 2015, which conducts research and development and sells products such as Smart Personal Sound Amplification Products, Smart Hearing Aid, and Truly Wireless Stereo solutions.

Leveraging the Internet of Medical Thing (IOMT) innovation, a key area of the fourth industrial revolution in the 21st century, THE Yeolrim has unique research and development technologies, commercialization capabilities, sales products and hearing loss solutions. THE Yeolrim has registered 5 patents related to hearing loss care and wireless earphones in Korea, and 1 patent in the U.S. Also, we have applied for 5 patents related to AI voice amplifiers and AI hearing aids with the Korean government.

According to a 2018 report released by the World Health Organization (WHO), the world's hearing impaired population is 470 million and is expected to increase rapidly to 900 million by 2050. Technological solutions abound but are too expensive for most. THE Yeolrim hopes its innovative, patented technology can provide a solution and social impact value to deaf people around the world.

THE Yeolrim can measure and fit its hearing directly in real time depending on the external environment and noise conditions through the self-controlled smart healthcare device. In addition, we are developing new products that can collect health data such as heart rate, exercise, dementia, and fall injury through addition of a health care convergence function.

User convenience and satisfaction are top priorities for the innovation pursued by THE Yeolrim. THE Yeolrim's product is an ear-bud type that can be worn like a wireless earphone and simultaneously features BT earphones, hands-free and hearing aids.

THE Yeolrim's products can be purchased for a remarkably low price compared to other hearing aids. They provide equal performance, and come with charging cradles to increase convenience and further reduce costs.

THE Yeolrim is a smart healthcare and AI medical device, venture company that applies innovative technologies developed in the fields of smart voice amplifiers, smart hearing aids, and wireless earphones.

"We aim to accumulate personal health big data by commercializing wearable smart and AI healthcare products, including voice amplifiers, hearing aids, and wireless earphones, and to provide customized health care services in conjunction with hospitals.

Korea's famous venture capital CEO who invested in THE Yeolrim sid: The global aging society, the expansion of the deaf population to all age groups, the consumer demand for various convergence functions, price-competitive products through price destruction, and the demand for design innovation products will explode. We're investing in pain-treating items and technologies that ease consumer inconvenience."